Our Mission

“Health is power” Foundation’s main goal is helping everyone on their way to better health.

Nowadays, many people suffer from various illnesses due to an inadequate diet or immobilization. We publish useful ‘how to be in better health’ information to our readers at no charge. What things should and which should not be consumed. We provide advice, useful practices as well as complete programs for developing your body and mind.

We believe that 70% of the health problems people have right now are their creation. Every chronic disease is a consequence of not treating the body as it requires to function at its best. Just like a car or any other mechanical device if it is not maintained properly, slowly it develops problems which could become chronic. The same things are going through our bodies because we are not educated and not presented with the proper practices to maintain it. Our educational system is strictly developed to provide us with information and knowledge but is not designed to give us some fundamental knowledge on how to live so that our bodies and mind will be able to perform at maximum capacity.

We have volunteers in our organization from different aspects of health, nutrition, and fitness. Not just modern medicine doctors and physicians, but yoga teachers, spiritual teachers, martial arts teachers, and energy healers and we use all those resources to be able to provide the best and most proper advice to people around all walks of life.

We do not have a defined goal, we only have a mission to help as many people as we can. Our long-term plan is to build a big community of people interested in those topics where everyone can share their experience and knowledge.

You can browse through our website and see the resources we have published, but we advise you to go through one of our surveys and/or contact us directly. One of us will most probably be able to respond to you within 24 hours, usually much faster. You can also contact us on messenger on our facebook fan page.