10 Ways to Control Your Portion Size



Over the past 20 years, the size of our meal portions has grown markedly. That has led to most of us eating more calories over the course of the day than we think we’re eating. This, in turn, has led to an inevitable ‘kilo creep’ that has been reflected in the concerning levels of obesity in the Western world. Here are 10 instantly actionable tips you can take today to control your portion sizes.*

Browse the Buffet

Before digging into the buffet table, take a walk around it to see what is on offer. Decide what you want before piling your plate. Then begin with fruit, salad and vegetable items first.

Listen to Your Body

Your stomach will tell you when you are full – don’t ignore it. This may mean leaving food on your plate – that’s ok. You need to respect the signals that your body is giving you.

Snack Small

Limit your snack size to 100 calories. Examples of 100 calorie snacks are a single banana, two kiwifruits, one slice of wholegrain bread, a 100-gram bottle of yogurt or  14 almonds.

Downsize your Plates

Back in the 1950’s, dinner plates were a whole lot smaller than they are now. Psychologically, we have a need to fill the plate and then to eat everything on the plate. So, what’s the solution to over-eating? Simple – make the plate smaller! Limit you plate diameter to 22-25 cm and your daily caloric intake will decrease dramatically.

Eat More Regularly

By eating more regularly throughout the day, you will do a lot to regulate your appetite. Doing so will help to avoid overeating at your next meal. In addition, the very act of eating and digesting food burns calories, leading to a speeding of the metabolism.

Eat Out Smart

When you’re eating out, avoid ordering large servings of meats and pasta. Instead, order an extra side serving of vegetables.

Focus on Food Quality Over Quantity

Slow down when eating, rather than acting as if you’re in a race to finish off the plate. Learn to savor and enjoy your food. Take in the smell, taste, and texture of what is on your plate. You also need to learn to chew your food thoroughly.

Reduce Meat Portions

Most of us are eating too large meat portions. Reduce them to the size of your palm, saving the left-overs for lunch tomorrow.

Split Dessert

You can enjoy the occasional dessert, just don’t overdo it. Rich desserts can be split among two, or even three, people. In addition, by sharing your food, you’ll enjoy it more!


Reducing your overall daily caloric intake is key to successful weight loss. Try putting into action one of these tips every day. At the end of just two weeks, you should have cut back by an average of 10%. Throw in some regular exercise and you’ll be well on your way to melting away your unwanted fat.

*Fitness Disclaimer

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