7 Reasons You Need to Train with Kettlebells



Go back a decade and kettlebells were virtually unknown to the western gym scene. Now you see people using them in gyms, CrossFit boxes, and even down at the beach.

So, what gives?

Why is everyone falling in love with these weird bowling ball shaped weights? And should you be joining them –

You bet, and here are 7 compelling reason why . . .

Kettlebells are Practical

Kettlebells are a very functional piece of exercise equipment. They develop more than one physical attribute. While you’re building your strength, your cardio fitness is also improving. As you are churning through the calories to lose fat, you are also improving your body’s coordination. Using the bells will also allow you to improve your flexibility, range of motion, increase your level of lean body mass, reduce stress and increase your self confidence.

Kettlebells are Versatile

The ability to swing and further manipulate the kettlebell lends it a level of versatility that you don’t get with most pieces of training equipment. For example, when you swing the bell between your legs on kettlebell swings, you are developing hip thrust extension that translates to many sports. In addition, you are targeting the glutes, strengthening them as your lower body power base and also strengthening the lower back.

The offset center of gravity of the kettlebell works the shoulder, improving strength and flexibility. The shape of the handles allow you to pass the bell from one hand to the other, further increasing it’s versatility.

Kettlebells are Unique

Kettlebells are unlike dumbbells or barbells, the traditional weight resistance formats that we’re all used to. Just pick one up and you’ll immediately notice the difference. The ball and handle design allows you to do everything you can with a dumbbell, plus much more.

Because the load of the bell is in front of the handle, you are forced to perform through a greater range of motion than with a dumbbell or barbell. This increases the intensity level, as well as the mobility and improves flexibility.

Kettlebells are Affordable

If you’re setting up a home gym, kettlebells are a great option. They don’t cost a lot, are compact and are convenient to use. Kettlebells are made of cast iron steel, so they’ll last a lifetime. Remember that a kettlebell is an all-in-one hand held gym which you can easily take anywhere to train – even the local beach!

Kettlebells are Fun

Kettlebell training can be addictive. For people who are used to the monotony of training with conventional weights, kettlebell training can come as a pleasant surprise. Because you are having to constantly engage both your body and your mind, you are fully engaged. Not only does this make your workout go faster, but you enjoy it much more.

Kettlebells are Efficient

Kettlebell training will work your body more efficiently and in less time. That’s because it combines the benefits of strength training, cardiovascular endurance, anaerobic muscle building, along with flexibility and mobility training. With kettlebells, you can forget about trudging from stretching to weights then to cardio – it does them all together! That gives you more time to do what you want to be doing – and I’m guessing that’s not working out!

Kettlebells are Athletic

With kettlebell training, you’re not just developing your body systems. You are also improving your skills. Every major athletic attribute is keenly developed when you train with kettlebells, including strength, power, mobility, balance, agility, coordination, endurance and stamina.


The widespread adoption of kettlebell training is one of the most exciting developments in fitness in a long time. However, for many people, kettlebells are a little intimidating. They look a little scary and strange. Don’t let that hold you back. The benefits of training with kettlebells are so great that they outweigh any nervousness you may have. So, go ahead take the plunge – your body will thank you for it!*

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