Run a 5 K in 5 Weeks for Beginners



Getting across the finish line of a 5K Run is a great goal to set to challenge yourself*.

By the time you complete this program you will be much fitter than the average person on the street. It doesn’t matter how unfit you are right now. The beauty of running is that it makes you progressively fitter very rapidly. In achieving your first 5K, you will have done something that most people who are untrained would not be able to do. With this program you should be able to achieve that goal in just 5 weeks.

This program is based on a 5-week preparation time frame. This is an ideal time period to allow you to confidently tackle the 5K challenge. Of course, unavoidable obstacles may present themselves. You might get sick or face a family emergency. All things being equal, however, if you commit to the program that’s right for you , and maintain consistency to the best of your ability, you will find success.

So, let’s get running.

The Program

The goal of this training program is to allow you to run a 5K without stopping. The key to success is consistency. Remember to warm up thoroughly before each session.

Keep in mind that a lot of new runners set off too quickly, thinking they have to maintain a certain pace from their first day. Don’t fall into this trap. At this stage, it’s not about your speed – your goal is to run the whole 3.1 miles without stopping.

Power Walk: Power walking involves a quicker than normal walking pace. It will take effort to maintain this pace, which should see you moving at about 4.5 miles per hour. To power walk effectively, land on your heels, roll through the instep and then push off the toes. Rather than large strides, focus on short, quick steps. Hold your head, swing through with your arms and keep your glutes tight.

Hill Walk: Find an area that provides you with a decent hill incline to really challenge you, but not too steep that you need a pick axe to climb it. A 30-degree slope is ideal. The allotted training time is just for the uphill climb – the downhill is not included.

NR Fitness: NR (Non Running) Fitness involves doing any type of exercise as long as it is completely different to running. You might play a sport, lift weights, cycle or row a boat. In fact the more you can mix it up, the better.

Note: The program involves time running intervals on all training days but Sunday. On that day you will be running for distance, starting at 1 mile on the first Sunday and peaking at 3.1 miles (5K) in week 5. For the first two Sundays, however, you will run until you feel uncomfortable and then walk until you feel ready to run again.

When it comes to the actual 5K event, know that it is fine for you to walk for portions of the race. You may choose to walk at the mid point, or at the one mile and two mile mark. Once you feel capable, begin slow running again.  **

ONE  Walk (30 mins) REST Power Walk ( 1 x 15 mins) REST Run (10 mins) REST Walk / Run(1 mile / 1.6k)
TWO NR Fitness

(30 mins)

REST Power Walk (30 mins) REST Run (13


REST  Walk  / Run(1.5 miles / 2.4 k)
THREE NR Fitness

(40 mins)

REST Power Walk (1 x 20 mins) REST Run



REST Run (2 miles / 3.2 k)
FOUR NR Fitness

(50 mins)

REST Power Walk

(40 mins)

REST Run (19 mins) REST Run

(2.5 miles / 4.0 k)

FIVE NR Fitness

(60 mins)

REST Power Walk

(60 mins)

REST Run (22 mins) REST Run

(3.1 miles / 5.0 k)


Completing your first 5K is a major accomplishment in your life. Now that you’ve got the training under your belt, you are ready to put it to action at a running event. In the next article, we will guide you through how to bring it on race day.

**Fitness Disclaimer

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