The Fat Burning Playground Workout


Have you noticed that your local kid’s playground has everything you need to get in a very functional full body workout? There are plenty of bars set all sorts of heights, some swings and lots of grass to run on. Today, we’re going to make use of all of this wonderful free equipment to craft an effective fat burning, muscle pumping outdoor workout.*

The Warm Up

The-Warm-UpTake a slow jog around the perimeter of the playground for 5-10 minutes. Follow this with some dynamic stretches that focus on both the upper and lower body (full body squats, lunges, arm swings, etc).

The Workout

Monkey Bar Ladders

Position yourself alongside a monkey bar ladder. Bring your right foot up to the first rung and then back down again, immediately bringing the left up. Continue this up down pattern for 30 seconds.

Bench Straddles

Position yourself on top of a low bench with your feet together. Now jump you legs out to the side so that they land on the ground and you are straddling the ladder. From here jump back to the start position. Do this non stop for 30 seconds.

Slide Lunges

Position yourself side on to a slide. Put your right foot on the slide at hip height. Now lunge down with your left knee until it almost kisses the ground. Push back with your front thigh to return to the start position.

Decline Push Ups

Position yourself in front of the slide and get into normal push up position, except that your feet are placed in the slide, with your hands on the ground at the bottom. Do as many repetitions as you can in 30 seconds, working to get a full contraction in the chest muscles on each repetition. 

Pull Ups

Choose a bar height that you are comfortable with to do your pull ups. If you are not yet able to do full pull ups, use a bar that allows you to have your feet out on an angle with your heels on the ground. Do as many reps as you can in 30 seconds.

Chain Rows

Position yourself in front of a swing set. Grab the chains from a swing and allow your upper body to lean back until you are at a 45 degree angle with arms fully extended. Now pull through with the muscles of your upper back to return to the start position. Do as many as you can in 30 seconds.


This six exercise circuit will work every muscle group while also burning a lot of calories. Perform exercises one after the other with no rest. Then take a two minute break. Once you’ve worked up to doing the circuit three times, you’ll be burning plenty of calories and  stimulating your muscles – and you’ll be doing it in the great outdoors, where you’re able to breathe in fresh air and soak up the Sun’s rays.

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