Abdominal Fat and Your Heart Health



It doesn’t look great does it – a mans beer belly bulging over his belt?

But it could be worse than it looks!

Research shows that we could have a lot more to worry about.


a-connection-between-fat-around-the-abdomen-and-premature-death-heart-attack-strokeYES there is a connection between fat around the abdomen and premature death as well as heart attack, and stroke, especially in middle aged men.*

Consider the results of 3 independent studies.

1       The New England Journal of Medicine

1       The New England Journal of Medicine

10 year study

400,000 participants

What did it show?

Largest waist measurements            =       105% increase risk of death

Highest hip to waist ratio                    =       78% increase risk of major health                                                                   problems


Balance-and-Regularity-is-the-key-to-lose-weightThe study also found BMR, (Basal Metabolic Rate) was also a good indicator of long life, but by far the most important factor was abdominal fat levels.


2       Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, Ma

80,000 participants

Males and females

What did it show?

Larger waist measurements              =       increased likelihood of serious                                                                        heart problems in men

4 inch stomach girth increase           =       30% increase risk heart disease

                                                                        in men

                                                                        19% increase risk in women 

Looking-at-a-Case-Study-of-loosing-belly-fat3       Physicians Health Study

         20,000 participants


What did it show?

Men who have a BMI, (Body Mass Index), of more than 30 are twice as much at risk to suffer stroke than those who carry less body fat.

Also a person who is holding excess fat around the mid section will be more susceptible to risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes.

What does it all mean?

Its clear  –

total abdominal fat poses a greater risk for the health of your heart than that of total overall body fat.

Get Rid of the Rubbish get-rid-of-the-rubbish


Get your ‘ab fat loss’ program off to a great start with a nutritional make-over. How?

 Here are 10 great tips:

  1. Choose natural foods
  2. Start your day with lemon juice in hot water or a piece of fruit
  3. Plenty of fresh fruit and salad
  4. Plenty of vegetables
  5. Try hormone free, free range, organic protein
  6. Use Celtic salt
  7. Drink herbal teas
  8. Include olive oil, coconut oil and flax seed
  9. Stimulate your digestion with Apple Cider Vinegar
  10. Snack on nuts and seeds

So don’t delay. Start today.

Blast that beer belly with a program of ab targeting exercises and a great natural foods based diet.

The result?       You’ll make your heart healthy…..for life.**

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