Prepare For Success – Work It Out Before You Workout


Usually, the best things in life, worth getting, take time preparation and planning.

It’s really no different with fitness.

‘Work it out’ first and you will be preparing for a very successful workout.

In some ways, what you do before is even more important than what you do during your training sessions.

There are 4 key factors to include.

Each one contributes and works together with the other factors to provide a solid foundation for a truly successful workout.

What are they? *

Fuel For Fitness

Fuel-For-FitnessYour body can’t do anything without energy. So the amount of fuel you take in before a workout directly affects the type of workout you have. If you want to avoid an ordinary workout, seriously burn fat and pump those muscles hard, rocketing towards your fitness targets then you’ve got to eat well.

Timing is everything.

If you eat too early then you won’t have the stored energy you will need but if you eat too near to your workout and your digestive system will be doing a workout too, leading to discomfort and an inefficient use of your bodies resources.

Up to date, scientific research implies the best time to eat is about 2 hours before and about 1 hour after. You need some good quality lean protein before your workout, about 30 grams, in fact, this is essential, however, carbohydrates, about 40 grams of slow release complex, are still needed to release energy slowly during the workout.

This is combination will enable your body to push hard and repair quickly during the workout. If you’re pushed for the time it takes to prep meals, then why not try a smoothie, (try a powder that has a ratio of carb/protein of 4:3) but don’t have more than one a day. Most of your food fuel should come from processing solids in order to optimize the process.

Implement a Supplement

Implement-a-Supplement-before-you-work-outThere’s a lot of hype out there about boosting your energy pre workout. A lot is promised but little is actually delivered. Here are 3, mostly natural, compound pre-workout supplements, which have stood the test of time, and that you can depend on.


How can you get it?

Over 60 species of plant contain caffeine, so its readily available. It’s a good choice because it reacts with glycogen which helps to sustain performance, increases mental awareness and lowers the effects of fatigue. Caffeine also helps the body release catecholamine and dopamine which both have great abilities to boost energy.

Try 10 mg per pound of bodyweight. (Its about the same as 4 cups of coffee.)


How can you get it?

Naturally occurring in white and red meat as well as fish, its actually the most common amino acid in the human body. Its in the tissue of your muscles. It’s a good choice because it increases the release of calcium, which in turn helps improve muscle contraction, improving strength. It also reduces the effects of free radical oxidative produced in the workout, delaying tiredness.

Try 1-2g before your workout.


How can you get it?

As a pre workout energy drink. It’s a good choice because your body uses lactate to supply energy during a rigorous workout. Supplementing lactate with polylactate will increase energy levels. It also inhibits lactic acid building up, which slows you down.

Try 7% solution in either a glucose polymer or water 5 mins before your workout and then when you are 20 mins in to it.


Experiment-with-new-exercisesWe are all unique, so experiment and find what work best for you. You will need to trial for at least 6 weeks. Keep a record or your performance and your levels of energy while using the supplement. If it works don’t fix it!

Stick with it.

If it is not working keep experimenting.

 Its All in the Mind

Seeing is believing.

If you visualize your workouts before you start you can increase

performance. Focusing your mind gives your body direction and helps you reach your

targets. Go through the workout in your mind step by step and see yourself training

to the max, pushing harder, optimizing your technique, powering through each session with blistering energy and achieving more than you ever have before.

It may feel strange at first but train your mind first and your body will follow.

Take Some R and R

Get-it-TogetherWorking out is a challenge. Rest and recuperation are essential. The body breaks down during intensive workout sessions. If you don’t let your muscles repair and rebuild you will actually lose muscle, not gain it! Allow at least 48 hours between sessions working the same muscles and body parts.

Stagger intense cardio sessions.

Get at least 6 hours sleep every night.

Get it Together

On its own, each factor will take your workouts up a level but use them all together and you will crank it up to levels others will marvel at.

* Fitness Disclaimer

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