4 Secret Tips to Burning Belly Fat


Possessing a set of well defined, fat free abdominals is the true mark of hotness, regardless of what gender you happen to be. For many, though, actually achieving a six pack seems as elusive as winning the lottery. But it doesn’t have to be. While there are no secrets to obtaining a washboard mid-section, there are some habits that you need to take on board and consistently follow. Here are 4 super effective ways to reveal your abs.*

Tip No. 1: Up / Down Sequencing

Tip-No-1-Up-Down-SequencingTo reveal your abs as quickly as possible, you have got to maximize your training time with a focus on multi joint movements that will burn the most calories. A key way that they do this is by utilizing Up / Down Sequencing. This involves interchanging an exercise for the upper body with one for the lower body. It’s a great way to boost your metabolism because the quick change in emphasis is shunting the blood around your body as you switch emphasis.

An example of up / down sequencing would be moving rapidly between supersets of squats and chin ups.

Tip No. 2: Combining Dynamic and Stabilization Ab Exercises

 The abdominals have two main purposes; to stabilize the spine, preventing it from moving around, and to flex the spine by bringing the abdominals closer to the hips. To get full, complete abdominal development and, therefore reveal your abs, you have got to do exercises that target both of these dimensions. Including both dynamic exercise to draw the abs in, and stabilization moves like the plank, are absolutely necessary for complete development.

Tip-No-2-Combining-Dynamic-and-Stabilization-Ab-ExercisesPure stabilization training involves simply keeping the spine straight while in a horizontal position. Doing this will immediately fire your abdominal wall. The plank is the grand daddy of all pure stabilization movements.

Exercises that draw your abs to your hips are also necessary to strengthen and define your core area. Crunches are the go-to exercise here.

Tip No.3: Supplement

Let’s face it – fat is stubborn. In men, especially, it likes to hang on around the mid section. You need every advantage in combatting that fat, especially when you’re trying to reveal your abs. By focusing on non-stimulant fat burning products, you’ll be able to supply your body with natural herbs and micro nutrients that it needs to ramp up the fat loss.

Tip No. 4: Carb Cycling

 Tip-No-4-Carb-CyclingCarb cycling actually originated with bodybuilders, but people the world over have been using it to strip off body fat for some time. When you reduce carbs from your diet, you lose body fat and water. But as the time of carb depletion continues, the metabolism actually slows down, which is not really what you need for maximum fat loss. Reintroducing carbs into the diet allows for fat loss without the metabolism slow down. On low carb days, you enter into a catabolic fat burning state, while the high carb days act as a boost to the metabolism.


To get started on carb cycling, alternate between low carb and high carb days. You should consume about 500 more total calories per day on your high carb days. Continue on this program for 12 weeks to strip those last vestiges of body fat from your body.



 Keep the fat burn going can be tough, especially when it comes to those stubborn deposits of lard that refuse to see reason. The four fat blasting tips that you’ve just learned will give your body that extra nudge that it needs to speed up your fat burn.*

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