Wim Hoff: The Iceman


Wim Hoff is a Dutch daredevil and life coach who has been doing some amazing things with his body. He has developed the ability to control aspects of his physique that science has told us are automatic and beyond our control. He is a man who anyone trying to control their own physique can learn from. These include boosting your immune system and increasing your energy levels.

Wim Hoff is known as The Iceman. He got that nickname by doing crazy stuff like playing the guitar in the snow in nothing but a pair of shorts, as well as climbing Mt Everest in that same pair of shorts – and nothing else. He swims under freezing cold ice water. He even ran half a marathon in the desert without drinking water.

Wim-hoff-in-ice57-year-old Wim is the holder of 20 Guinness Book of Records world titles. Yet he doesn’t consider himself special. He has simply learned to control the inner workings of his body. His feats are done, not for self-glorification, but to demonstrate to the world what the human body is capable of achieving. Wim believes that anybody can learn his unique methods to control and positively influence the mind and body.

Wim has taught himself to control his heart rate, breathing, blood circulation and core body temperature. Science, of course, tells us that these things are beyond our control. Yet Wim daily defies science. He is able to thrive in ridiculously cold conditions by willing his core body temperature to remain at 37 degrees Celsius, despite the environmental conditions. For the rest of us, our body temperature would plummet to dangerously low levels. By learning to harness these inner physical settings, Wim has managed to achieve a level of mastery over his body that few have matched.

The Wim Hoff Method

Wim has packaged his unique training system into the Wim Hoff method. This is a 10-week online training program that takes you through a variety of special exercises. Week by week, the exercises get progressively more challenging. The goal is to allow you to gain conscious control over your autonomic nervous system and positively influence your immune response. As a result, your nervous system will be strengthened.

The Wim Hoff method uses a special breathing technique, cold shower therapy, focused meditation, visualization, yoga stretches and physical exercise. Each day on the program you’ll spend between twenty and thirty minutes practicing three techniques. These include . . .

  • A special breathing/meditation technique, followed by breath retention
  • Yoga stretches and physical exercises
  • Cold shower treatment


The-Wim-Hoff-MethodThe combination of these techniques will allow you to push the limits of what you thought your body was capable of achieving. You will discover the huge untapped potential that resides within your body. A great aspect of this training course is that you can interact directly with Wim, and he will personally answer your questions.

You will experience huge benefits immediately once you begin following the Wim Hoff method. These will multiply as you progress through the course. The main benefits are . . .

  • A huge boost to your daily energy levels
  • A stronger immune system
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Faster workout recovery
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Endorphin release for enhanced mood quality

The Wim Hoff method is a solid and unique training program that will allow you to further your quest of becoming a better version of yourself and to push the limits of possibility, both mentally and physically.

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