How Can Hormones Make You Fat?


What if the Site Manager for a building site just didn’t show up?

What if most of the workers didn’t show up either?

We wouldn’t expect a great home to be built, would we?

Our hormones are like our bodies ‘Site Managers’, coordinating and regulating all the many functions, taking place constantly, that are essential for good health.

When they are working properly we feel great.

When they aren’t working properly we feel lousy.

Additionally, our bodies really struggle to process our food correctly and efficiently so – we get fat, and stay that way!

 How Do Hormones Work?

How-Do-Hormones-WorkThe 100 different types of hormones in the body act like tiny chemical managers which tell the processes within living cells what to do and when to do it.

Everything is included, like when to breath and when you need to sleep.

What key factors affect how well our hormones work?

  • Physical exercise
  • Emotions
  • Stress levels
  • Food and nutrients

What Stops Hormones Working?

What we eat plays a major part.

Toxins are everywhere, in our food and even in the air we breathe.

Processed foods particularly have all sorts of harmful toxins which can stop our hormones working efficiently.

These toxins build and build, over time, hindering the ability of our cells to use nutrients in the best way for our bodies to stay healthy.

Think about the diet we have and the types of food we eat in the Western world.

Its hardly hormone friendly.

Most of us do a poor job of taking in the right amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, that the body really needs, to begin with, and whatever small amount we are taking in, probably, isn’t being used in the most efficient way because of the build up of toxins.

We could think of our hormones as a vehicle.

It knows where it has to go but it doesn’t know how to get there.

The food we eat gives directions to help the hormones get to where they’re going, in the best way and on time, to give the right signal to the body. Or it can give bad directions and the hormones will show up at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

At the end of the day, if we have good regular exercise and we are eating healthily but still struggle to lose weight then our hormones are probably still the barrier.

Break Down the Barrier

7-main-hormones-that-are-a-key-to-unlocking-our-weight-lossResearch has identified 7 main hormones that are a key to unlocking our weight loss.

If we can control these then we can control our weight.

Here are the hormones, what they do and what you need to control them.



Hormone What It Does What You Need?


Tells fat cells to change fat into energy



Pumpkin seeds

Leafy greens




Produced when we eat sugar


Apple cider vinegar

before main meal

Balance carbs and




Tells the body its hungry

Too much and you will never be full

  Sleep well

7/8 hours every night




Increases with stress

Stores fat and tells you you’re hungry

Keep calm, reduce stress

Yry deep breathing




Tells the brain when you’re full

Too much numbs the brain

Small meals are best

It’s ok to feel hungry


Norepinephrine   Fat and calorie burning engine Intense workouts


Green Tea

 There is Hope

To change the outside – change the inside.

Take control of your hormones and they will manage your body well.

You can lose weight and feel great.*

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