Alcohol and Your Belly Fat


You’ve had a mind-blowing workout, the fourth of the week. Your nutrition has been on point and you’ve even been drinking more water. But now it’s Friday night. The boy’s are about to hit the town and you don’t want to miss out. You know that you’re going to drink too much alcohol – and probably eat a bit of junk in the process. But, with all of your hard work, you can afford to let loose with a Friday night booze up – can’t you?

Alcohol Alert

Alcohol is otherwise known as ethanol. It provides 7 calories per gram. Most of us are well aware of the serious risks associated with alcohol. It is one of the most abused drugs worldwide and is responsible for 1 in 20 deaths in the United States. While a minimum amount of alcohol can actually combat cardiovascular disease due to the presence of such nutrients as polyphenols, the benefits quickly disappear when the amount consumed increases.

Alcohol and Working Out

Alcohol-and-Working-OutHistorically, some athletes thought alcohol improved their exercise performance. It is now recognized, however, that alcohol can severely reduce the quality and intensity of the performance. Alcohol is a depressant, not a stimulant. It affects the central nervous system, including the brain. As a result, movement, coordination, concentration, balance and reaction time are all impaired.


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