The Truth About Spot Reducing Equipment


You see Spot Reducing Equipment every day . . .

Infomercials and full-page ads in your favorite magazines that boast how the latest amazing thigh machine for (which is modeled by some slick muscular power couple) Spot Reducing your body fat.

Only it never will.*

The Myth of Spot Reduction and Spot Reducing Equipment

The-Myth-of-Spot-ReductionAs much as you may wish to carve off that extra slab of fat on your belly and as tempting as it may seem to spend 10 minutes a day melting off your thighs or spare tire, it just can’t happen that way.

Yes, you can tighten and tone your muscles, which is good in and of itself – but the fat in that spot will not directly be affected.  Don’t, however, let that stop you from exercising.  The real secret to burning more body fat is not to spot reduce – it is to build your large muscle groups: legs, chest, and back.

The Smarter Way

Muscles require a lot of energy to maintain.  The more muscle you have to maintain, the more energy that’s required.  Where does it get that energy? From your bloodstream.  Where does your bloodstream get the energy? From several different places . . .

First of all, it gets its instant energy from the sugar already in the blood.  But that’s used up very quickly during heavy use.  Then the liver releases its supply of sugar into the bloodstream – but that’s also quickly used within 10 minutes or so of heavy work or exercise.

The-Smarter-Way-to-lose-body-fatThe next place the body takes sugar is the easiest place to make and convert to energy (sugar). That is your fat. But, it’s not necessarily the fat right where the muscle is being worked on.  It takes the fat from all over your body.

While doing 30 minutes on a gut buster machine will build and strengthen your ab muscles, it won’t burn the adjacent fat.  You’ll lose inches, but that’s your muscle toning up – not just fat burning off.

You can lose inches and strengthen your body with this kind of Spot Reducing Equipment, but to expect to spot burn the fat isn’t reasonable.  You can also add strength training with these pieces of equipment. But expect to do overall strength training to reshape your body.

Building your back and chest muscles will help burn the belly fat by virtue of the fact that a good hard workout for more than 20 minutes begins to burn fat from all over your body.  So, while we all might wish for a quick fix, the facts prove that the only way to burn belly fat or any other trouble spot is to do regular, moderate to heavy resistance training for your large muscle groups.


combine-strict-nutrition-with-hard,-total-body-training-to-lose-body-fatDon’t let the flashy late night infomercials suck you in.  You simply cannot spot reduce body fat. The best way to lose body fat to combine strict nutrition with hard, total body training. Stay focused, be in it for the long haul – and keep your credit card in your wallet. 

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