The REAL Way to Train for Fat Loss


Getting those six pack abs is as elusive as the perfect body. It takes hard work to Train for Fat Loss to look like one of those fitness models. And those same fitness models will tell you that they have to adhere to a strict diet and almost religious exercise plans to stay ripped.*

Balance & Regularity

Balance-and-Regularity-is-the-key-to-lose-weightEven most bodybuilders don’t maintain a competition type body 12 months out of the year.  You shouldn’t try to have a “model” body.  But you can have a healthy, toned, tight physique with regular and varied exercise.

Muscle is very pliable in that it can lose or gain tone relatively easily.  It doesn’t take long to build strength and tone in your muscle – and conversely, you can fairly quickly lose tone and strength.  Regular overall body strengthening and toning is essential to getting and staying fit.

Mix it Up

This Train for Fat Loss needs to be comprised of several types of workouts: strength training, cardio training, and flexibility or stretching. Focusing on just one leaves the other two hanging and sooner or later you feel it if you don’t manage to keep up a balance of all three aspects of your routine.

Strength or resistance training should involve all major muscle groups: legs (quads), back and chest (pecs).  The lesser muscles will gain strength while these groups get targeted, but the point is to build these main groups so that you gain lean body mass (another name for muscle).  The more lean body mass you have, the more Fat Loss potential your body has.

A balanced exercise plan involves cardio or aerobic training, too.  Building a strong heart muscle and large lungs is essential to overall circulation.  Your body depends on the heart to pump nutrients and oxygen-filled blood to the uttermost parts of your body.  Cardio training alone doesn’t burn fat and must be part of a total body workout.


Stretch-to-lose-belly-fatFinally, you need to implement some form of stretching.  Muscles are rather elastic and need to be stretched regularly to maintain their full range.  Maybe you’ve seen bodybuilders that sort of have a stiff, ape-like appearance.  It’s probably due to the fact that they worked out without stretching before and after.


Another explanation for the stiffness is that they may be only build part of the muscle groups.  While this might look nice in competition, it isn’t practical for everyday living. Before exercise (and even after a workout) stretching can make the difference between a successful routine and one that leaves you stiff, sore and hating to exercise.


Build a strong body and you will burn overall body fat – and yes, that stubborn belly fat will eventually go with it, too.


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