Are There Any Miracle Fat Loss Herbs?


Do herbs and supplements have any effect on fat loss or are they just another hyped up, high-priced way to get you to part with your money?  Here again, most people just don’t know how the body works. To say that some special berry has almost magical properties to burn your fat while you sit on your couch eating pizza and sodas is obviously incorrect and they are not Miracle Fat Loss Herbs.

But are there any Miracle Fat Loss Herbs that can aid you in fat loss and help you lose weight?  Yes – and we’ll touch on some here, beginning with the popular Hoodia products on the market.*


Hoodia gordonii is a succulent plant that’s indigenous to a certain region in Africa.

Hoodia-gordoniiAfrican tribesmen could eat a small amount of the plant and it would give them energy and staying power all day long, so they didn’t have to eat as often.  You can see the correlation here: if we don’t have to eat as often, then we’ll lose weight, right?  It very quickly became exploited by the diet and fitness industry and morphed into exaggerated claims and broken “quick fix” promises.

Hoodia products are available in your local drugstore and blasted all over the ‘net.  But as with any natural resource, its sources have been made nearly extinct through over-harvesting.  Hoodia is now grown on farms, but it may not be the same as the native variety.

Most Hoodia products have only a tiny amount of true Hoodia plant.  The fact of the matter is that many products can get away with saying they contain Hoodia, but they only have the inactive “sawdust” part of the plant.  To get true Hoodia, you’ll pay big bucks and you have to do your homework finding the best and purest forms.

Acai Berry

Acai-BerryAnother popular Miracle Fat Loss Herbs is the açai berry. Açai berry is a tiny, berry shaped fruit of the Açai palm that grows in jungles of Brazil along the Amazon River. The Açai doesn’t suppress the appetite like Hoodia, but rather aids the body in cleansing, which is really more important to fat loss than most people would first believe.

Much of our body fat is comprised of stored toxins.  To lose fat, we have to simultaneously cleanse toxins and support our bodies as they burn the fat. The açai berry has high levels of antioxidants that support this as well as fiber and other vitamins and minerals that aid in fat loss.

There are other products out there purporting amazing results for fat loss.  But then again, common everyday foods like broccoli and cabbage are excellent for support fat loss, too.  Sometimes we think it’s just easier to take a pill.


Don’t believe everything you read.  Use common sense.  Do your research.  There isn’t a perfect one stop solution to fat loss and weight reduction.  As irritating as it may seem, the old adage eat less, exercise more is the key for any sound weight loss plan – and supplements can help when combined with your overall plan.

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