Belly Fat Free Lesson 8 – 3 Simple Ways to Burn Belly Fat Fast


In the last lesson, we talked about using a stability ball to help lose excess belly fat. In this lesson, we are going to go over some simple yet effective ways to burn belly fat.*

When it comes to burning unwanted belly fat, many people make the process unnecessarily complicated. The good news is you don’t need to watch endless workout videos, read hundreds of books or do a dozen different kinds of exercises to get rid of your belly fat. Just follow these simple steps.

As we have discussed before it’s important to realize that burning belly fat involves burning fat throughout your body in general.

Even if you work out regularly, if you don’t reduce your calorie and sodium intake, it’ll be very difficult to lose your belly fat.Trying to target specific areas of your body is called “spot exercising” or “spot reduction.” It doesn’t actually work. In order to burn belly fat, you need to implement an effective overall fat burning program.

This method will help you do just that.**

Identify Your Maximum Heart Rate

Identify-Your-Maximum-Heart-RateYour maximum heart rate is how fast your heart can beat if you really, really pushed yourself in an exercise. It’s not actually healthy to push yourself to your maximum rate constantly.

However, knowing your maximum heart rate will help you set a target for how hard you want to be working out.

Exercise Regularly at 70% of Your Target Heart Rate

You can figure out what your heart rate is on just about any exercise machine at the gym. If you’d rather not use gym equipment, you can easily buy a heart rate monitor for between $40 to $100 online.

By measuring your exercise in terms of heart rate, rather than distance run or time spent exercising, it allows you to compare yourself to other people in a similar weight and age bracket as you.

If you “only” ran 20 minutes, should you feel good about that or bad? It’s hard to tell, because length of time is a terrible metric. Instead, gauging your target heart rate makes it much easier to both push yourself and to see how well you’re doing overall.

Reduce Your Fat & Sodium Intake

Reduce-Your-Fat-&-Sodium-IntakeEven if you work out regularly, if you don’t reduce your calorie and sodium intake, it’ll be very difficult to lose your belly fat.

Start with calorie reduction. Don’t try to do things all at once, but gradually work on cutting out high calorie foods from your diet.

Try to reduce the amount of sodium you take into your body. Sodium plays a large part in regulating how much water your body retains in your fat cells and in your bloodstream. More salt means fattier cells and higher blood pressure.

These three steps, if applied regularly, are all it takes to burn belly fat. You don’t need complex systems; you don’t need fad diets – all you need is a bit of self-discipline to stick with the system.

This system will help you identify exactly how hard you need to work out and keep your heart rate at exactly that pace to lose enough weight to burn belly fat. It will also help you keep it off through proper dieting.

Next lesson we will be talking about some hard and fast rules for losing belly fat and keeping it off for good so keep an eye on your email.

Thank you for sticking with the training course and making it this far. Once we get to the end of the course, I have a special surprise for you. See you next time!

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