The Best 150 Keto Recipes

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This will change how you think about health and fat loss forever.

It all boils down to Insulin and Glucose. Not calories!

Insulin is a hormone. Glucose is your blood sugar.

One of the main functions of insulin is to keep your blood sugar normal. Even if you’re not diabetic, this matters to you. Your blood sugar level is rising whenever you eat food, and everyone’s blood sugar raises differently. That’s dependent on your age, activity, genetics, and even your gut microbiome, which are the trillions of bacteria in your belly. So, some people might eat a big greasy portion of pasta and have their blood sugar rise just a little, others might eat the same and have it rise to extremes. However, regardless of how high your blood sugar went, your body must release insulin to control it.

Now, some people might release just a little, and some might release huge amounts of insulin. This also matters on all the factors I mentioned before, like your genetics, lifestyle, body fat, etc. So… let’s think about a modern food environment. We wake up, we have a high-carb breakfast like bagels and cereal. Then we have a coffee with a snack. Then we have lunch, then a snack… which again raises our blood sugar. So, the insulin never really gets to come down. It’s staying high all the time to control your blood sugar. Eventually, your body adapts, and high levels of insulin become your new normal.

We keep eating these foods that spike our blood sugar, creating more insulin resistance. And now your new normal is here. You go for your bloodwork, your A1 seems perfect, your sugars perfect. But you start experiencing high blood pressure, fatigue, water retention, cravings, hunger, etc.… because your body’s not being able to burn fat for fuel because insulin is a fat-storing hormone. So, you’re always tired. You start developing that belly fat. The skin pigmentation and the skin tags. And this is more important than counting calories. Because of what 150 calories of donuts (unhealthy fats, sugars, refined carbs) does to your blood sugar and 150 calories of yogurt (healthy protein) – the difference is extreme. It’s time to change that.

Change your diet. Go for a low carb + high fiber diet and be consistent with it. Stop eating all the time, go for intermittent fasting and find a window of 8 hours that you are allowed to eat than 16 hours do not let anything other than water come into your mouth – your life will be transformed. We have compiled 150 amazing low-carb recipes you can use to incorporate into your kitchen to completely reshape your health thus getting more happy, motivated, and energetic.

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